Sunday, March 8, 2015


This is my latest creation for RCS where the inspiration this week was the recently released, much anticipated movie  "50 Shades of Grey." Obviously, we were asked to use "grey" in our layout, along with a touch of red, (get it those of you who read the book/saw the movie) and a "technique" of our choice (mine was paper layering).  This one was a no brainer for inspiration was my cat Earl Grey named after the tea because of his luxurious grey coat.  He was my first four legged love.  My husband and I adopted him seven months before our wedding. During this time, Earl Grey lived the ultimate bachelor life at my husband's apartment by himself until we were married.  Needless to say, Earl Grey really enjoyed his independent lifestyle. Once I moved in, Earl Grey tried to "assert his dominance." It was a rough road complete with an ambush in the bathroom one evening where Earl Grey tried to attack me.  After a long drawn out power struggle,  I won. During that first year of living together, Earl Grey and I slowly became friends and snuggle buds.  Although over the course of that year, I began to call him"Nugget" because he was such a butt nugget to me.  Two years after we became roomies, my furry friend Earl Grey/Nugget met the love of his life when my first born daughter came home from the hospital.  He never left her side.  I'd find him lying under her crib, on the edge of my bed watching her sleep in her cradle...No matter where she was, he was close by.  As she got older, she would dress him up, carry him around like a doll, use him as a pillow... Then in 2005, another woman entered the picture which is what is featured in this layout.  I think Earl understood that these little girls needed a protector, and he did his job well.  When they were sick, he would only leave their side to eat and use the litter box; otherwise he was right there.  When it was time to go to bed, he graciously would give the girls slivers of  their beds so he could stretch out and get his beauty sleep.  Sadly, Earl Grey went to the big bachelor pad in the sky in October 2008.  He truly was the greatest cat friend a girl could ask for; despite his need to "dominate."

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