Sunday, March 10, 2013


This week's RCS challenge was inspired by movie reels.  The catch; incorporate ribbon on thelayout. When I think ribbon, I think of ballet shoes.  A very long time ago, my tweenager took ballet class.  The song to her routine was "Animal Crackers in my Soup."  I thought her costume was going to be animal themed, but instead, her teacher selected the most dainty costume.  It was the most beautiful dance costume I have ever seen.  I found this picture in my stash of "to be scrapbooked" pictures. It originally wasn't a good picture; way too bright, but I wanted to keep this picture because she was smiling at her Dad who was off to the side.  I turned it into a black and white picture just to see what would happen, and I loved it!  I sure do miss this tiny little dancer, but I'm enjoying the wonderful, creative girl that my ballerina is turning into these days.


Red Carpet Studios was given a wonderful gift from Verve Stamps; these beautiful Easter themed stamps.  I have not worked with stamps in years, and honestly, I was a little intimidated at first.  But working with this product was an absolute blast!  I decided to fore go a scrapbook layout which is my usual MO for RCS and decided to make a paper craft.  So my daughter and I made a field trip to JoAnn's...And this was the end result!  A small brown planter, a handful of Easter grass, a tiny bit of foam, a small amount of pink tulle, and lots of dumdum pops to make an Easter bouquet.  The final touch was my Verve stamp bunny, flowers, and "Hoppy Easter" greeting.  It took little time at all to put this project together, and it's made a cute centerpiece on my kitchen table.  That is if it survives my daughter plucking out a dumdum pop here and there.....Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


This RCS challenge was based on the movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."  In other words, we had to use buttons in some way on this layout.  In December, my nephew Noah was born.  This is a new one for me....While I did have nephews prior to Noah being born, they live in Hawaii, so I've never really been around  baby boys.  My house is a bit estrogen dominated, so this is a new one for me   What I've found is there is not much difference between a baby boy and baby girl......Well, I know I'm biased, but I think my Noah is cute as a button.  And I hardly ever get to do a boyish layout, so I decided he would be the perfect subject for this challenge.  That and I came across this adorable baby boy Doodlebug paper at Archiver's, and I just had to buy it.  In summary, this is the curious case of how my button layout came to be....ENJOY!