Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This layout is for Stick it Down's July 29th pick your sketch layout of our choice,  I decided to use the same sketch I used for my iCloud layout last week because I loved its use of multiple patterned papers and the embellishments on the 2nd page.  These pics are of my girls on a rare 90 degree day in October.  We left the pumpkin patch and had our final swim of the season.  It was weirdly wonderful!  I just got this paper that reminded me of "Indian Summer" since it's name was "Indian Summer," and decided it would be the perfect paper to accent my pictures of the girls playing at the pumpkin patch, feeding animals, and enjoying the last warm day until Old Man Winter arrived.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


For this RCS challenge, the inspiration was the movie "Pitch Perfect."  In other words, create a project inspired by music.  Well, no one in my household has the music gene....We love to sing, but it ain't pretty.....BUT what my daughter does love more than anything is Starbucks...And you may be thinking, Starbucks/Pitch Perfect; what is the correlation?  CUPS!  My children have made musical instruments out of all types of cups since watching Pitch Perfect.  And my daughter's favorite cup of them all is one filled with Starbucks!  So that is the story of how this layout was born!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This is my latest double page layout for Stick it Down based on the sketch below.  When I saw the design, I was instantly inspired by the clouds on the right side of the page.  But rather than think rainbows, kites, etc, your traditional cloud themes, I thought of the icloud that houses the thousands of pictures, videos, etc. that my daughters watch on their various devices.  And I've caught them on a few occasions doing some pretty cute things with their phones, iPads, etc.  They are definitely more tech savvy than I could ever dream of being!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This is my latest layout for Child's Play Challenge.  Our inspiration for this week's challenge was the game "Cooties."  When I first tried to plan for this challenge, I thought, "I don't have a picture of a bug..."  Then I realized I did!  My Caity Bug!  For my daughter's second Halloween (and the first one she could officially walk during and trick or treat), she was a lady bug.  And my husband has called her "Caity Bug" since the day she was born.  Voila!  Inspiration!  I love this picture so much; she is sitting next to my Grandmother whose house she walked to from our house for trick or treat.  She had so much fun this Halloween.  The following year when she hit the terrible twos...not so much....

Sunday, July 13, 2014


This is the latest layout that I did for RCS.  Our inspiration this month was the Adam Sandler movie "Grown Ups."  I love that movie....it's one my daughter and I can watch over and over.  I especially love Rob Schneider's character.  "Maize..."  If you have seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about....So I was inspired by this picture I took of my daughters a few years back during the summer.  Their Uncle is a professional baseball player and got them this snow cone machine from the ball park.  So the girls have turned the traditional lemonade stand into the snow cone stand.  And they have brought in quite a bit of cash selling snow cones on hot days!  And it always seems for those few hours of selling snow cones, they actually are best friends.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


This is my latest layout for Child's Play Challenge.  The inspiration for this challenge was the childhood toy, "Colorforms."  I loved playing with Colorforms when I was little; the last set I remember getting were Smurfs.  But what I really remember about this toy was the smell.  The plastic scent was part of the fun of getting a new colorform set because you knew they were fresh and would cling onto the board.  The smell was as wonderful as a new can of Play-doh or pack of crayons....I'm weird.....Anyway, I found this picture of my daughter on the slip and slide and instantly thought of colorforms.  Why? Because when you get a slip in slide out of a package, it reminds me of the smell of a package of Colorforms!  On a sidenote, my daughter is slip in sliding two weeks after a winter storm hit....The weather in the Midwest is something else!