Tuesday, February 21, 2017


This is my latest project for Sketches in Thyme using the following sketch.  I'm still in Valentines day mode and fell madly in love with Doodlebug Design's Cream and Sugar line.  When the papers arrived at my house, all the sugary treats on the papers reminded me of these pictures I took of my younger daughter when she was a baby.  My daughter has food allergies.  Although she is allergic to milk and egg, this child has a massive sweet tooth.  Over the years, I have become quite the food detective and have learned a variety of ways to make baked goods that are safe for her.  I've also found all sorts of other goodies such as soy ice cream (which is all over her face in these pictures) that tastes just like super creamy regular ice cream.  I've learned to substitute applesauce for eggs when making cookies and cakes. So long story short, she eats all the junk we do, although a healthier version of it! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


This is my latest project for Let's Scrap using the following sketch.  For this project, I went full out Valentine's Day.  I don't take many pictures on this holiday, so instead I decided to feature pictures of a few of my loves; my girls and my puppies.  These two humans and three furry creatures warm my often times cynical heart.  And I thought they would be the perfect subject matter for a Valentines' Day themed project.  To pull this layout together, I used paper from
Photo Play's "So Loved" collection.

Monday, February 13, 2017


This is my latest project for The Memory Nest using the following sketch.  About a month ago, I stumbled upon a CD of pictures that contained a treasure trove of photos of my children as babies.  Why was this such a big deal?  For a long time, I thought that these pictures were gone forever...The website where I upload many of my pictures suddenly deleted everything I uploaded from this time period.  Thank goodness I had the good sense to make a CD back in the day!  And thank goodness I happened to stumble upon it one evening this past January!  This particular picture I have been in search of for a long time, and I was over them moon that I found it on the CD.  It continues to be one of my favorite photos of my two girls; the older one was blowing bubbles while the younger one was trying to pop them.  I've wanted to do a project with this picture for as long as I can remember, but thought it would never happen. Now that the photo has been recovered, I decided a sketch featuring circles would be perfect for a bubble blowing picture as the subject matter.  I used a variety of papers from Bella Blvd's "Illustrated Faith" collection to pull this project together. 

Monday, February 6, 2017


This is my latest project for The Memory Nest using the following sketch.  By far, the picture on the right of my oldest daughter is one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken.  She was five and having a blast touring Chicago.  We had spent hours at the American Girl Doll store, strolled up and down Michigan Avenue, and were tired.  Her father and I were born and raised in Southwest Ohio.  In other words, we are not big city folks...We needed to hail a taxi to get back to our hotel and neither of us were exactly sure of taxi cab hailing protocol.  Our knowledge of taxis came from Sex & the City...needless to say, we were feeling a bit out of our element.  So as we were trying to figure out the proper etiquette of taxi cab hailing, our five year old daughter sticks her little arm in the air, starts waving it around  yelling, "TAXI!"  She became so confident being our family taxi cab hailer, I was able to catch her doing it in the picture on the right.  To pull this project together, I used a variety of papers from Bella Blvd's "Let's Go" collection, namely because I loved the cute taxi cab print.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


This is my latest project for Let's Scrap using the following sketch.  I live in the Midwest of the USA where we are supposed to have all four seasons...Except this year. Ohio had winter for a week and now we are experiencing Spring.  This is sad for me because I'm a teacher.  Teachers love snow days more than students.  BUT, I'm trying to stay positive about our lack of winter and decided to pretend I'm living in Florida this year and experiencing a southern USA winter.  It's made things more bearable.  In the meantime, since snow is not in the forecast, I decided to dip into my snow picture archives and use some of my favorites of my girls for this sketch.  To pull this project together, I used a variety of Doodlebug papers from the "Polar Pals" collection.