Tuesday, September 30, 2014


This is my latest creation for Stick it Down's Tuesday Anything Goes layout.  While the layout called for 3x3 pictures, I decided to use 4x6 pictures I took of my daughters hanging with their favorite princesses at Disney World.  Despite having two daughters, I've never really been one to use pink and girly stuff on their pages.  However, it was a must for a page about their favorite Disney princesses!  I went full on pink glitter polka dot paper, hot pink glitter paper for the matting.  And as for the embellishments, I tried to use a little Ariel bling along with things Belle would love too, like roses...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


This is my latest layout for Stick it Down based on the sketch below.  When I saw this layout using a tree with the title, I instantly thought of pictures I took of my family & I at Niagara Falls four years ago.  It was a beautiful fall day, so I took several pictures of my girls not only standing by the breathtaking falls, but also in amazing autumn colors.  I also found adorable Cosmo Cricket fall paper in my stash, so the layout came together very easily.  The only adaptations I made were using two pictures instead of three on the first page and moving the bird to the left side of the right page.  Overall it was a great sketch to showcase these pictures I've been waiting to scrap.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


This is my latest creation for RCS.  Being a movie inspired blog, we wanted to pay our respects to the late Robin Williams for this bi-weekly challenge.  I was absolutely devastated to hear of his passing....I grew up with him.  I have pictures of myself dancing with my pregnant mother in 1980 wearing my Mork and Mindy suspenders....Mrs. Doubtfire made me laugh to the point of hysterics at one of the darkest times of my  life....So for this tribute, I decided to metaphorically stand on my desk like the students in Dead Poet's Society and shout "O Captain! My Captain! to the man who brought so much joy to my life.  This is a picture a kind stranger took of my family at the Lincoln Memorial; the inspiration of the poem "O Captain! My Captain!"  I thought it was the perfect picture to spotlight my favorite quote from this Robin Williams classic.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This is my latest creation for Child's Play Challenge.  This bi-weekly challenge was inspired by the Dr. Seuss classic, The Cat in the Hat. When I think of this story, I think of the giant mess The Cat in the Hat,Thing 1, and Thing 2 made.  My Thing 2, my youngest daughter, used to make some monster messes! Whoever created Polly Pockets either a)  never had children or b) have never been pregnant & had to pick up millions of tiny objects while pregnant!  Well thankfully, when I took this picture, only situation a was running through my head; "Who the heck had the great idea to make microscopic mini dolls?"  However, when I was pregnant with my Thing 2, I spent many of hours on the floor picking up tiny shoes and dresses my Thing 1 had littered across the house!  The other pic on this layout was when my Thing 2 decided powder would be a perfect cleaning agent to mop the bathroom floor with while Mommy was out getting her hair colored and cut....In each of these situation, I just had to laugh, take a picture, and remember this too shall pass!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


This is my latest creation for RCS.  The theme this week; Any Given Sunday.  In other words, create a sports themed project.  I decided to go full football for this challenge!  My husband is a graduate of THE Ohio State University.  In my house, my girls were taught from birth to bleed scarlet and gray and to NEVER under any circumstance wear navy blue and yellow together. I won't share about the other things they were taught about the team up north! ;0)  Anyway, we were on campus a few years back, and we found Brutus the Buckeye sporting a ROTC outfit.  It was a mandatory photo op for my husband.  Two years ago, we went to the OSU vs. Miami University (my Alma mater) game, and I love this picture I took of the "best damn band in the land," the football team, & the flags.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This is my latest creation for Child's Play Challenge.  Sequins were the inspiration this time around.  When I saw this challenge, I thought of the dance costumes my daughter wore during her short stint as a ballet and tap student. This particular costume was a green bug complete with a sparkly sequined tuxedo jacket. I was instantly inspired when I came across this picture.  I also used a string of green sequins from my stash and glued them onto the random white dots of the background paper.  I wish they would've shown up more clearly in this picture, but alas....it's always better in real life!