Sunday, October 5, 2014


This is my latest creation for Red Carpet Studio.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are doing a shout out to the super heroes in our life.  The super hero I chose to feature is my daughter.  When she was five months old, she was diagnosed with severe milk and egg allergies.  We found out the hard way that she was allergic...with a terrible reaction.  We have hoped that as she grew up, the allergies would subside.  While they have some, they are still present, and she handles them with such grace.  Since the time she could talk, she's asked if her food, "Is Abbey safe?"  She has never been upset that she can't have what other children have.  It bothers us adults more than it does her.  And the cool thing is, when she does have something she can eat, she absolutely relishes it.  For example, I took this picture after she left the Icee stand at our local amusement park.  To her, this is the greatest store ever invented!  And she drinks it to the very last drop.  Her maturity towards her condition is inspiring, and I thought she would be a perfect person to feature in my life for this challenge.

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