Saturday, July 6, 2013


I have never been a chronological scrapper.....I like to scrap whatever inspires me at the time.  Sometimes it's paper, sometimes it's pictures, sometimes it's the time of the year....In this case, it was all three!  This week's RCS challenge revolved around the movie "Star Wars."  In other words, use stars somehow.  I loved the Pebbles Inc. & Doodlebug Fourth of July lines released this year & how each company utilized stars on their papers. I've already published one picture using the Doodlebug stars; I just felt this picture needed that particular paper to be used again along with the cute embellishments and other patriotic papers from Pebbles, Inc.  My dog plopped himself down in front of an American flag in my yard.  My oldest daughter, who loves her dog more than anything, plopped down next to him, and I took this gorgeous pic of the two of them.  They truly are the best of friends, and I thank my lucky stars that we adopted my dog from the shelter a few years back.  He has been the greatest friend ever to all of us!

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