Sunday, January 6, 2013


For this RCS layout, the inspiration was the 80's movie "Say Anything."  I do love me some John personal fave movie of his is "Better Off Dead," but I do enjoy this one.  Although no one has held up a radio to my window professing their love to me, my husband did go on a wild goose chase once to find me the pens that I used to love to write with when we first started dating.....I guess that's my real life version of this movie.  And also how I knew he was the one....

However, for this layout, I decided to use a picture of my daughter opening up her favorite Christmas present; the iPad.  When she opened up this gift, she literally went speechless.  And that's pretty rare for her.  I snapped a picture of her complete shock, and thought it would be perfect for this project.  She didn't say anything for quite some time after opening this gift; she just sat there with her hand over her mouth giggling with delight.  When she did finally say something, it was, "I can't believe I got an iPad!"  Once I got my pictures ready for this project, I hit up my stash of Doodlebug Design Christmas paper. I have a thing for Doodlebug too right now....

To sum it all up, my daughter has started speaking again since opening the iPad.  She has become a Pinterestaholic with her iPad constantly saying, "Mom, lets make this!" or "Mom, check this out...."  Not to mention, I have to be careful not to go around the house singing or dancing because she's facetiming all her buddies.  So, yes, she's saying something now!  Mostly, "Thank you for the iPad!"

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  1. Lovely layout. Love the colors and the expression your daughter's face is priceless.