Sunday, December 30, 2012


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the inspiration behind this RCS challenge.  I'm one of those seasonal scrapbookers....I don't scrapbook chronologically; I go with what motivates me at the time.  And with my gazillion Christmas pictures right now, that's what motivates me!  And I knew just the pictures I wanted to use for this challenge; our structurally sound gingerbread house!  It's been a tradition for my girls to build a gingerbread house every year.  Now, this isn't your normal, edible gingerbread house....this house can withstand all sorts of natural disasters ranging from an accidental dropping to an attack by the dog.....Why you ask?  Because Daddy uses the caulking gun instead of icing.....So while it looks deliciously good, it would really do a number on your teeth and intestinal tract.  Once I decided on the pictures, I searched through my growing stash of paper and found the cutest Doodlebug design Christmas paper with gingerbread men & peppermint sticks on it; perfect for this challenge!  So that is the story behind this layout!


  1. this is so adorable!!

    how are you doing? long time no talk to!!

    1. Hi Mary Pat! I'm doing fine; how are you? Miss talking to you! Checked out your blog the other day; you are making some mighty cute things!

  2. This layout is so fun and sweet. Love how you did the title