Monday, January 21, 2013


For this week's challenge for RCS, we were asked to make a sparkly layout.  I love sparkles.....Sparkly vampires, sparkly clothes, sparkly paper.  So when I learned of this challenge, the first sparkly inspiration that came to my mind was snow.  And sadly, we haven't seen a lot of it in our neck of the woods in the last year....And being a teacher, that's a sad thing.  We love snow days, I think more than our students.....When the weather report came in for this past December 25, we were once again disappointed; no White Christmas.  Then suddenly in true Ohio weather fashion, no snow went to blizzard warning the day after Christmas!  And not only did we have a mini blizzard, we had thundersnow!  It's the weirdest thing to experience; snow falling, lightening bolts, & big thunder booms!  So anyway, I took these pics of my snow baby a couple of days after our first snow in over a year.  I used glitter paper to matte my main pictures, sparkly brads from Doodlebug Design to secure my pictures on the sparkly paper (it is a bit hard to get card stock to stick to glitter paper), and sparkly snowflakes from Jolee's Boutique.  Hopefully at some point this winter I can make a few more sparkly layouts.  Namely any day Monday through Friday; weekends are OFF LIMITS!

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