Thursday, June 5, 2014


This is my latest creation for "Child's Play Challenge." where the inspiration was the childhood classic "Peter Pan."  I instantly thought of my husband's promotion to Captain of the fire department last year.  We love to watch The Big Bang Theory, and after we learned of his promotion, we started quoting our favorite character Sheldon... Sheldon decided that he needed to be the "captain" of his paint ball team because if it was good enough for Kirk, Crunch, and Kangaroo, it was good enough for him.  So for a while we rotated between calling my husband those three names, until he said, "Call me Hook....He's the coolest Captain of them all!"  And it stuck!  So much in fact that we bought him a plastic hook hand to put on his desk!

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  1. Gorgeous layout. Love the slight pop of red and yellow!