Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 This is my latest creation for Stick it Down.  As I looked at the sketch, I instantly thought of all the pictures I've taken over the years of my annual trip to Washington DC.  I teach 8th grade, and every May, we take a group of students to DC to check out the sites, the museums, and then we head to Gettysburg, PA where the big Civil War Battle took place.  For this sketch, I used some of my favorite pictures I have taken over the years.  My absolute favorites are the top left hand smaller picture and the far right picture of my daughter's back.  The top left picture is a scene I caught at Arlington National Cemetery.  I heard the beat of a drum, looked up, and a funeral procession was going by.  It was one of the most humbling, beautiful sites I have ever seen.  The far right picture is my daughter looking at the names on the Vietnam Wall.  She was so serious trying to read the names and asking questions about this conflict.

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