Saturday, February 16, 2013


This week's challenge for RCS was to design a page based on the movie "The Notebook" where journaling would play a key design element in the layout.  My immediate thought was Alzheimer's.  Strange I realize....I read the book right after my Grandmother's death which was Alzheimer's related.  It touched my heart how the husband told his wife their "story" over and over.  Alzheimer's is an cruel disease....It's so unfair to watch someone you love forget who they are. My Grandmother passed away 18 years ago.  Before her death, my Mom and her sisters and brother sold my Grandma's house.  I was in college and didn't get a chance to go through it one last time.  I have so many wonderful memories of the house.  It backed up to a hilly golf course, and my cousins and I would go sledding in the winter.  I had my first vegetable garden in her yard.  Speaking of gardens, she had a rock garden that was her pride and joy.  I would go outside and weed the garden with her while she would tell me stories about growing up during the Great Depression.  It was my Grandmother who turned me on to history intriguing me with tales of her childhood.  Last year, my cousin, who was looking to rent a house, discovered Grandma's house was for rent.  So we all went over there to go through it one last time.  I've told my daughters so many stories about Grandma's house; I can not express how amazing it was for me to take my children through her home.  It was my home away from home....And that's how my Mom's house is for my girls.  They are as comfortable staying at their Mimi's as I was at my Grandma's house.  So that is how the movie The Notebook inspired this layout.  And I pray that someday, a cure is found to stop this horrible disease.

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