Sunday, February 3, 2013


Our latest RCS studio challenge asked us to make a layout based on the movie "Valentine's Day."  Well, my husband and I aren't ones that take many pictures of ourselves...So I had to get a little creative for this one.  Since a big part of Valentine's Day is the "date" part, I decided to focus on our biggest date of the year; the Ohio State vs Miami University football game at the Horseshoe in Columbus, OH.  Why was that such an important date?  Because our Alma maters were facing off for the first time in ten years!  I told him a long time ago that going to a Buckeyes football game was on my bucket list. Being married to a Buckeye Alumni, his school has grown on me over the years. So when he learned that Miami was the opening game of the OSU football season, somehow or another he scored us two tickets on the 10 yard line.  And it was a blast!  Although Miami lost, they sure did give the Buckeyes a run for their money during the first quarter.  It truly was an experience and a great date!  I would happily go to another game, and this time, I won't be rooting for the other team.


  1. LOVE your layout. Hubby and I don't get pics or date nights ourselves. Got to take what we can get, right? :-)


  2. hey...just saw your pix on the Red Carpet blog...I went to Miami myself!!

    1. Go Redskins! Or Redhawks....I graduated in 1996; when did you go there?