Thursday, October 15, 2015


This is my latest project for "Let's Scrap" using the design found below.  My daughter recently attended her first semi-formal dance proving to her Mom and Dad that time is marching a little too quick for our liking!  Instead of going with dates, my daughter and her friends decided to go together as a group.  And despite going dateless, the lead up to the dance didn't go without hitches...First was the "I hate my dress" mishap.  (That was until her Dad bought her what she called "Kardashian" heels, and then the dress was fine!)  And of course, the day of the dance, Mother Nature decided to drop the temperature and rain an annoying cold, constant rain the majority of the day.  (Thank goodness for the gallon of hairspray we applied!)  As for the sketch, I decided to go with muted, natural colors to make the pictures the centerpiece.  I followed the left side of the sketch as it was presented, but decided to take some liberties with the right.  I loved the "Polaroid" pictures in the original sketch, however, what I had on hand from the dance did not fit this.  So I decided to make my vertical stretch of pictures showing my daughter getting ready for the dance in "Polaroid" form; notice the white space along the bottom of the picture?  And instead of using hot air balloons, I used gold, sparkly flowers I recently found in my favorite $1 section of Michael's.  Overall, I was pleased with how this sketch came together; I just am not pleased that my baby is growing up so fast!


  1. Beautiful layout!! LOVE the colors with those lovely pictures!!

  2. Beautiful pictures and layouts. Love the pics of their hair. You did a great job with the sketch.