Saturday, August 3, 2013


For this week's RCS challenge, the movie theme was Lilo and Stitch; in other words, add stitching to your layout.  Sewing is the one skill I wish I had.  I own a sewing machine; I just have no clue how to operate it.  So, turned to the faux stitching on this one.  And the knit stitch!  My other hobby is knitting.  I'm a novice.  It's a joke among my co-workers when they ask me what knitting project I'm working on.  I make washcloths and scarves like nobody's business!  I learned how to knit from my oldest daughter who took a knitting class at our local Senior Citizen center.  She taught me, and I taught my younger daughter.  She loves to sit with me watching TV working on her knit stitch.  For this project, I included yarn on my tag and wrapping it around my chipboard letters.  I found some paper scraps in my stash that reminded me of vintage fabric and go the rest of the papers from Hobby Lobby.  A little baker's twine and buttons, and the layout was finished!

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