Sunday, March 10, 2013


This week's RCS challenge was inspired by movie reels.  The catch; incorporate ribbon on thelayout. When I think ribbon, I think of ballet shoes.  A very long time ago, my tweenager took ballet class.  The song to her routine was "Animal Crackers in my Soup."  I thought her costume was going to be animal themed, but instead, her teacher selected the most dainty costume.  It was the most beautiful dance costume I have ever seen.  I found this picture in my stash of "to be scrapbooked" pictures. It originally wasn't a good picture; way too bright, but I wanted to keep this picture because she was smiling at her Dad who was off to the side.  I turned it into a black and white picture just to see what would happen, and I loved it!  I sure do miss this tiny little dancer, but I'm enjoying the wonderful, creative girl that my ballerina is turning into these days.

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