Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So I've become a Pinterestaholic.....I love that site!  So does my daughter.....We've tried a variety of things featured on Pinterest which I will attach below.  But also, I found a site that showed how to make coasters for drinks out of bathroom tiles using scrapbook supplies!  OMG!  My younger daughter and I have been up to our elbows in mod podge in my scrapbooking room making coasters out of scrapbooking supplies!  We are having a blast; attaching the pictures of my patriotic coasters below.  (I'm a History teacher....inspired by the 4th of July....)  Have a safe holiday and Happy Birthday America!

Coasters!  Directions of how to make these are located at

The Veggie Person.  I made this for my daughter's swimming/slumber/birthday party a few weeks back.  Idea came from Pinterest, but I altered slightly.

Rice Krispee sushi!  My daughter having the party said we just had to make these!  And the even cooler thing about them, they were safe to eat for my food allergic younger daughter!  I went outside and said, "Anyone want sushi?"  Of course, all the little girls yelled, "NO WAY!"  Until they found out they were Rice Krispee treats!  Once again, THANK YOU PINTEREST!

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